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How to hire top mobile app developers

How to hire app developers for mobile devices

A mobile app development project is often ongoing. It requires frequent updates to ensure that the app keeps up with changing mobile technology. It takes strategy, marketing expertise, UI/UX knowledge, and lots of expertise to build a successful mobile app.

How do you find the best mobile app developers? Here are some tips to help you find the best mobile app developers on Cleric Software Solutions.

How to shortlist app developers for mobile apps

It can be useful to create a list of freelancers to interview while you are looking for mobile app developers. Screening profiles can be done based on the following criteria:

  • Mobile ecosystem. It is important to determine if you require a specialist in iOS or Android or a generalist who can develop cross-platform applications.
  • Test experience. Buggy apps on launch day are a big problem for your KPIs. Developers who are familiar with user testing and test-driven design are the best.
  • Feedback. For glowing testimonials and red flags, check out reviews left by past clients to find out what it was like working with that particular app developer.

How to create a job posting for mobile app development

You will need to engage a mobile app development company for all phases of your app building process: design, coding APIs and other backend integrations, testing, and maintenance. Mobile developers who are well-rounded have both experience in design (UI and UX) and programming (e.g. API integrations or coding for a particular cross-platform platform software).

To help you budget for hiring a mobile developer and get more precise estimates from your developer, it is important to clearly define your requirements. If you have preferences regarding platform or programming languages, please include them. An iOS developer who is proficient in Swift 3 will be able to code your app. A pro will know how to successfully compile your mobile app into every native environment if you are using Xamarin and PhoneGap. This article will provide more information and guidance about how to hire a mobile developer.

Please include additional details such as:

  • You are developing for the targeted platform – iOS, Android, Windows or hybrid?
  • The scope describes the development and design work that will be done for the project.
  • Developers should be aware of any API integrations and other technical specifications.
  • The target audience of the app.
  • Design specifications including fonts and color palettes, imagery, and any other guidelines for brands.
  • The project timeline includes any milestones.


What does it mean to be a mobile app developer?

A mobile app developer can be a programmer that develops software for mobile devices. Mobile app developers can create apps for iOS, Android or any other operating system using a variety of programming and UX/UI design skills.
Here is a quick overview on the skills that mobile app developers freelancers should have:
Programming languages like Java for Android, Swift/Objective C and JavaScript for cross platform development
Frameworks for cross-platform mobile app development such as React Native
UI/UX design fundamentals
Approval process for Google Play and/or Apple App Store
Experience with RESTful APIs, RESTful services and third-party library Integrations

Why hire mobile app developers?

Finding top mobile app developers starts with identifying your needs. Do you need to migrate an existing app to iOS 5.0? Do you need assistance creating an Android app? These apps will likely incorporate VR (virtual Reality) technology that requires additional technical knowledge. Your project’s cost will depend on the scope of your work and the skills required to make it happen.

What is the cost of hiring a mobile app developer to develop your app?

The price they charge and the budget of your project are two main concerns when it comes to hiring a mobile developer. You will need the right mobile professional to help you with your project, whether you are using a native or cross-platform operating system, or if you want to create new integrations or start from scratch. Rates will vary depending on many factors including experience and expertise, market conditions, and location. Find out how much it costs to hire a mobile app developer.